Herbs and Spices, The Cook’s Reference


(Dorling Kindersley) 2002, 2015; New York, 2003, 2015

Medal of the German Academy of Gastronomy 2002.

An illustrated guide to more than 120 culinary herbs and spices, with tasting notes, guidance on their use and recipes from their native cuisines as well as for modern western dishes.

‘Culinary advice is unfailingly sensible, recipes are good, pictures are informative and attractive.  Terrific.’  (Richard Ehrlich, Guardian Weekend)

‘Informative, thoroughly researched and a visual delight.’  (Leanne Tolra, The Age, Melbourne)

‘Jill Norman presents what were for me ‘new’ herbs and unknown spices in such a refreshing way that I wanted to get right into the kitchen to blend, pound and roast the finest flavorings the world has to offer.  Norman refreshingly presents new and familiar information and organizes that information in such a different way that it satisfies our need for the new and exciting.’ (Pat Crocker, The Herb Society of America)

‘Norman’s tasting notes, borrowing a vocabulary identical to that used for wine, establish a standard language for characterizing each item’s salient aromas and flavors.’  (Mark Knoblauch, Booklist, Chicago)