The Cook’s Book

(Dorling Kindersley, editor-in-chief) 2005

James Beard Foundation: Best general book award 2006.

Top chefs from 4 continents show the best cooking techniques in step by step photographs. Ingredients and cooking styles from around the world are demonstrated in recipes – classic, contemporary and innovative.

A very sound investment… Jill Norman has marshaled 18 extremely celebrated chefs to demonstrate all sorts of techniques and cuisines….It’s clear, packed full of things you never knew, deathlessly modern, and utterly daunting.’ (Tom Jaine, The Guardian)

A weighty primer that takes you through all the basic skills you need to be a competent cook. It’s Delia with balls.’ (Gordon Ramsay, The Times)

Jill Norman has managed to produce that rare thing – a volume that is of use to both the novice and the experienced cook.’ (Cynthia Zarin, Gourmet)

This is a very fine book. It can serve both as a reference to turn to with a specific question and reward leisurely reading.’ (Kylie Walkaker, The Age, Melbourne)

Thorough, calm and considerate, it hand-holds through those tricky techniques and then includes several chefs’ recipes to inspire.’ (Daily Mail)