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(Dorling Kindersley and Bantam Books).

16 volumes

A series of illustrated guides to a wide range of foods – their history, provenance and properties – with traditional and modern recipes.


Full of interesting, useful information, they’re superbly illustrated. You won’t be able to resist them!’ (Essentials)

Each attractively captures the imagination as to the more adventurous use of the ingredients which we are perhaps all too eager to take for granted.’ (Emma Bromidge, The Lady)

Written by Jill Norman, they contain a wealth of information about traditional and new foods, revival of forgotten dishes and introduce original recipes from all parts of the world.’ (Western Morning News)

Each explains about all most people want and need to know about its subject, has beautiful photographs and about a dozen well-written recipes.’ (New York Daily News)

Breves pero excelentes libros …Libros que da gusto mirar, ojear y tocar. Reúnen la doble cualidad de satisfacer el capricho y la necessidad.’ (Revista Sobre Mesa)